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What Is Instructional Design?

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 What is Instructional Design?

Instructional Design


Instructional design is a systematic process for creating instructional materials and learning activities to meet the needs of learners in a particular target group. The process includes:


  • Assessing the need for instruction
  • Analyzing the characteristics of the learners
  • Determining the instructional objective
  • Creating the assessments
  • Developing the instructional materials and activities
  • Trying out the materials to see how effective they are
  • Making revisions
  • Implementing and maintaining the instruction


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Instructional Design Process


Although the approaches people use to design and develop online events vary widely, the common denominator is that the process is systematic and iterative. Generally, the instructional design process results in a set of one or more learning events or experiences. The process includes:


  • Some type of analysis to define the requirements and specifications
  • Enters a design/prototyping phase
  • Enters a development and production phase
  • Quality assurance, evaluation, and more refinement
  • Never ends


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Instructional Design for Online Learning

Instructional Design for Online Learning (IDOL) meshes instructional design, learning psychology, and technology. IDOL focuses on how to design learning experiences that are interesting and engaging and will allow all learners to accomplish specific instructional objectives. The masters' degree program at Capella University emphasizes the practical skills needed to be an instructional designer. The Ph.D. program focuses on research, theory, and leadership skills.

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