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Gender Performance Differences in Reading and Assessment Times for

Regular and Special Education Students in Grade Three


Jeri Stickney


This action research study was conducted to measure gender performance differences in individual remedial reading and optimum times of assessment. The SRA Reading Laboratory IC (SRA) was also analyzed to determine if it was an effective individual remediation tool for reading instruction. Reading comprehension tests using the Brigance Diagnostic Comprehensive Inventory of Basis Skills were administered in the morning and afternoon of the same day.  The purpose of this dual test administration was to determine whether there were gender performance differences for the time of administration for tests for regular education and general education students. Participants were chosen using convenience sampling, and were limited to one third grade class in one elementary school in California. This mixed design study was carried out by the use of a variety of archival data, a student attitudinal survey, and observational field notes. Archival data included pre-assessment and post assessment instruments, and periodic interval assessments. The study was geographically isolated in a high desert classroom with a low economic base; however, the information gathered from this study may prove useful in the design and delivery of individual remedial reading instruction in regards to gender differences and testing times.

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