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                      Assistive Technology

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The Empowerment of Assistive Technology


Jeri Stickney

            Assistive technology has been around as long as man.  Since the beginning, people have utilized tools around them to assist in survival, communication, and enhanced living.  As man became more and more civilized and technology increased, he has been able to substantially alter his physical environment, increase his chances for survival, increase communication with others, and enhance his standard of living.  As a result of this increase in technology in civilization, persons with disabilities have increased because medical technology has increased births and survival of impaired infants.  Further, technology has allowed more of these infants to grow and thrive.  In today‚Äôs world, civilization in some areas is striving to enable disabled persons to achieve a life more normal because of the equalization that assistive technology helps afford them. This equalization is the empowerment that allows persons with disabilities to succeed.  As a result, assistive technology is changing how disabled persons live and succeed in an able world; however, caution needs to be exercised when implementing assistive technology devices, and considering current and future technology to empower persons with disabilities.

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