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About Dr. Sticks

                                                                                                                                               "They are able who think they are able."

          Welcome to DrSticks.Com. My Web site is predicated upon empowered learning. This means establishing or raising a student's self-perception of capability to accomplish specific learning tasks. The research shows that a student's level of perceived capability affects the amount of effort, perseverance, and resilience that a student puts forth to understand information and accomplish assignments (Bandura, 1996; Pajares, 1997). Of note, a student's level of perceived capability may be raised. To this end, I am dedicated to helping my students raise their perception of capability to empower their learning. Thank you for visiting my web site and enjoy your journey. 

Jeri Stickney Phillips, Ph.D.

Bandura, A. (1997). Self-efficacy: The exercise of control. New York: W. H. Freeman.

Pajares, F. (1996). Self-efficacy beliefs in academic settings. Review of Educational
               Research, 66(4), 543.

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